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  • Did You Know? Nebology is an Authorized Distributor of PARI Products

    Authorized PARI DistributorAt Nebology, we believe it’s extremely important for people to have choice and control over what nebulizers they use, rather than just accepting whatever is provided. Clinically-proven, effective nebulizers can have a very positive effect on your way of life, and give you more options for receiving treatments. We are an authorized distributor of PARI products, and that results in several advantages for you:

    Products Typically Come Directly From the Manufacturer

    When you order a product from Nebology, it comes straight from the manufacturer. That means you can rest assured it’s new and unopened when it arrives.

    Many Products Are Fully Warrantied

    Most PARI products come with manufacturer’s warranties. After you receive your nebulizer, it’s easy to enjoy the protection of a manufacturer’s warranty after filling out a simple form to register your purchase.

    We Are Very Familiar with PARI Products

    Because we are authorized to sell PARI products, and specialize in them too, our customer service team is well equipped to answer any questions you may have prior to making a purchase. We also have a deep inventory, featuring items that are often hard to find.

    Whether you have been using PARI’s nebulizers for years, or are getting ready to purchase your first device, Nebology is a reliable resource for getting the nebulizers and associated accessories you need to live better.

  • FDA Approves First Electronic Nebulizer to Deliver Pulmozyme for Cystic Fibrosis Patients

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved the PARI eRapid electronic nebulizer as the first of its kind that's suitable for giving Pulmozyme treatments to people with Cystic Fibrosis.

    An Efficient Treatment Method

    Pulmozyme is a drug manufactured by Genentech, which is frequently prescribed to Cystic Fibrosis patients. It helps thin mucous buildup in the lungs and can reduce the risk of respiratory infections.

    Many patients need several Pulmozyme treatments per day, and the eRapid nebulizer system can help them receive the medication more efficiently. Normally, Pulmozyme treatments take an average of 6-8 minutes. However, when patients get the medicine via the eRapid, that timeframe is shortened to just 2-3 minutes. Because many patients are on daily Pulmozyme regimens for years, those saved minutes go a long way, and could help encourage adherence to doctors’ orders.

    Patient Preferences and Satisfying Outcomes

    The eRapid system has already been used for years in Europe with successful results, and was distributed under the eFlow Rapid brand name. However, PARI decided to introduce it to the United States after input from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation indicated an electronic nebulizer marketed for general use could improve patient compliance.

    In a clinical trial involving Pulmozyme treatments delivered with the eRapid, pediatric patients had a 10:1 preference for the device, while that choice was echoed as a 20:1 preference among adults. Users appreciated the quick treatment times and small, easily portable size of the eRapid. Patients in the study were also generally more satisfied with treatments when using the eRapid.

    To read more about the study, click here. Nebology is the first online retailer to sell the eRapid electronic nebulizer system. You can purchase it after obtaining a prescription from your physician or pulmonologist.

  • Nebology Now Carrying the eRapid Nebulizer System

    New! eRapid Available for Purchase OnlineAt Nebology, we believe it’s important for our customers to be able to make the best choices for their health. That’s why we’re excited about being the first online retailer to sell the eRapid nebulizer system.

    It can reduce treatment times by nearly a third, and is designed to produce consistently sized particles for reliable performance and effective treatments. This travel-friendly and easy-to-use system is available from us at a significant discount, and offered by prescription only. Contact our customer service team for more details, or read more about the eRapid system here.

  • Free Filters with Every Compressor Purchase


    From now through February 28th, any PARI compressor system purchased from will include a package of two filters.

    That means your purchase of the PARI Vios, Vios PRO or Trek S compressor includes accessories to help it perform reliably with every treatment. What’s more, a package of filters has a $7.95 retail value. When taking advantage of this offer, you’re saving money on supplies you’ll eventually need to buy anyway by getting them for free.

    The Importance of Replacing Your Compressor’s Filter Regularly

    Since the filter is a part of the compressor system that’s not visible from the outside, people may forget about changing it regularly. However, it’s very important to read the documentation that comes with your compressor to learn about the recommended filter replacement schedule, and then follow it carefully. Sometimes, it’s visibly obvious a filter needs to be replaced because it becomes gray in color. If a filter is not changed periodically as recommended, it can cause your compressor to break down.

    Order a nebulizer compressor system from today, and enjoy this limited time offer so it’s even easier to maintain your aerosol therapy system.

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    It’s now possible to connect with us on social media and keep up with the latest news about We'll keep you informed of our store sales, any new products as they are released, and post updates about respiratory news. “Like” us today to follow our page. We make it easy to use social media as a way to learn more about our company and products. Visit us on Facebook today!

  • In-Depth Product Feature: The PARI SINUS


    Aerosol therapy systems can be significantly helpful for people with chronic sinus problems, but all devices available for patients are not the same. The PARI SINUS is specially designed to help as much medication as possible reach the sinuses, so each treatment is maximally effective.

    Clinically-Proven Results

    The PARI SINUS system combines the same efficient nebulization that's common to all products in the PARI brand, along with a vibrating pulse. The vibration is clinically proven through MRI imaging tests to deliver more medication to the sinuses than sinus treatment systems that do not pulsate, including nasal sprays.

    Because more medication reaches the sinuses with every attempt, you can potentially use less medication overall, which reduces side effects.

    An Innovative Product

    There are other intranasal aerosol therapy systems on the market, including PARI's SinuStar system. It produces small particles and directs the aerosol towards the upper airway for good results.

    Even so, the PARI SINUS System is the first of its kind on the market, because of the pulsating feature that helps open the sinus and nasal passages. That allows medication to reach the deepest parts of sinus passageways, where it's most needed.

    How to Purchase the PARI SINUS

    Once you’ve gotten information from your doctor and talked with him or her about using aerosol therapy to treat your sinus condition, order the PARI SINUS Pulsating Aerosol System conveniently from us at

    Note that currently, insurance companies in the United States do not cover the costs of aerosol therapy systems for sinus treatments. However, such devices are especially popular with patients in Europe and Canada. They are successfully being used in those places, plus the United States, to treat conditions like allergies and rhinitis.

    Although it's necessary to pay out-of-pocket for now, hopefully insurance companies will eventually change their coverage policies, particularly as American physicians continue to recommend aerosol therapy treatments for sinus problems.

  • What Replacement Parts Do I Need? now offers nebulizer supply replacement kits so you can keep your system working properly, get a year's worth of supplies at once, and even receive a 10 percent discount.

    After you answer a few quick questions about your nebulizer, we'll pick the right parts and ship them to you. Keep reading to learn about compressors and nebulizer cups so you can feel more certain about which nebulizer you use.

    The PARI Vios and PARI Vios PRO

    pari-vios-modelsThe PARI Vios Nebulizer Compressor System is the most common aerosol therapy system we sell (it's also often sold at local Walgreens), and it's a tabletop model. Versions for adults have green or medium blue exteriors, while the pediatric model can be either yellow or green.

    pari-vios-proAlternatively, the PARI Vios PRO Nebulizer Compressor System has a navy blue body and was only released in January 2014. Because it is a more robust version of the original Vios compressor, this model requires a special type of tubing and filter to deliver treatments correctly. Although some companies send standard tubing for this model, we'll always provide the stronger tubing to ensure optimal performance.

    The supplies for the PARI Vios PRO are slightly more expensive, but after you indicate that's the device you own by using the drop-down menu on the Supply Replacement Kit page, you'll see the price update automatically.

    Portable Nebulizers

    pari-trek-s-versionsIf your nebulizer is portable, you need parts for the PARI Trek or PARI Trek S (or the European version - the PARI Boy Mobile S). Depending on the version you initially purchased, your compressor may or may not have an attached battery pack. You can recognize a portable model by sight because it has a body that's mostly navy blue, with a bit of yellow at one end.

    The PARI Trek S is typically packaged with the PARI LC Sprint Nebulizer Cup, so you can easily know which version nebulizer cup you use. The Trek S uses standard Wing Tip Tubing and the same replacement filters as the Vios model above - if you purchase parts for your Vios, they can also be used for your Trek S!

    The PARI Ultra II and the ProNeb Ultra: Different Models That Look Similar

    People often confuse the PARI Ultra II with an older nebulizer called the PARI ProNeb Ultra, because they're both grey. Fortunately, the compressor models have their respective names on the exterior, so that's the easiest way to tell which one you have.

    You can see the filter for the PARI ProNeb Ultra by looking at the front of the compressor. That model also has a handle on its top. In contrast, the filter for the PARI Ultra II cannot be seen without removing the compressor's round, indented cap.

    The PARI ProNeb

    The older PARI ProNeb Compressor has a white, rectangular body. It's the oldest nebulizer in our product family, but, like newer PARI models, has the compressor name printed on the body. After removing the filter, you'll notice it has a black cage and pinkish filter material.

    Learn Which Nebulizer Cup You Use

    pari-nebulizer-cup-modelsSimilar to PARI compressors, nebulizer cups are identifiable by color and usually have a product name printed on the cup. The PARI LC Plus Nebulizer Cup is the most common model our customers purchase, and it has a white/clear body. The cup has a rectangular handle and a blue circle on the top.

    On the other hand, the PARI LC Sprint Nebulizer Cup is half blue, and half white/clear. A rounded handle extends from the back. Like the cup that fits the PARI LC Plus, this accessory has the product name printed on the side.

    Finally, the LC Star Nebulizer Cup is red and white. It's the least commonly purchased cup in our inventory.

    Contact Us for More Help

    If you're ready to buy a nebulizer supply replacement kit but still aren't sure which aerosol therapy system you have, just get in touch with our customer service staff. Reach us by phone by calling (888) 224-0135, or send an e-mail to We're happy to answer any questions before you place an order.

  • New! Nebulizer Supply Replacement Kits

    nebulizer-replacement-supply-kit-1year-badge_1It's important to periodically change parts on your nebulizer as specified in the product instructions in order for your aerosol therapy device to keep delivering maximally effective and reliable treatments. For example, nebulizer cups and filters need to be replaced every six months.

    Answer Some Quick Questions and Receive a Customized Kit

    At, we make it as simple and efficient as possible for you to stock up on replacement supplies, and save money at the same time. Just answer some questions about what kind of nebulizer cup and compressor you have. Then, based on your responses, we'll choose items to create a customized supply replacement kit that contains a year's worth of product accessories. You can also buy extras at the same time, such as filters or a mask. By purchasing your nebulizer essentials this way, you'll save 10 percent off the listed price.

    Your kit comes with:

    • 2 replacement filters
    • 2 nebulizer cups
    • 2 lengths of replacement tubing

    Getting the Right Supplies for Your System

    Choosing the correct items for your nebulizer can be confusing, especially if you're ordering for the first time. However, some parts, such as the compressors, usually have the product name printed on them to make it easier to determine what model you own. If you're having trouble, contact our knowledgeable customer service staff and we'll be happy to help. Just call (888) 224-0135 or send an e-mail to

    Now it's easier than ever to rest assured your nebulizer is working properly and you're following the usage instructions. Order today and see how simple it is to get a year's worth of the supplies you need at a discounted rate.

    Shop Nebulizer Supply Replacement Kits Now

  • My Mother, My Disease, and Me

    Reposted from an article on The Atlantic in December by Christine Schrum -

    "Doctors told me cystic fibrosis would kill me by age 15. My mom told me I just had allergies. After a childhood of Ayurvedic treatments, I've embraced Western medicine as an adult, without abandoning my alternative roots.


    In my memory, I am 11 years old, lying on a massage table in a dimly lit room. Two  women are rubbing herbalized oil into my skin. At first, I’m a little insecure about my bony ribs and chest, but as the women’s hands sweep across my body, I settle into a state of deep relaxation.

    I’m at an Ayurvedic spa—the first of its kind in Northern Ontario in the 1980s. This is decades before yoga and Lululemon will become household terms throughout North America. My mother has learned about Ayurveda, an ancient healthcare system from India, and has driven me through several hours of January snow to a spa in Huntsville, Ontario, where she hopes the words cystic fibrosis will be abolished from our vocabulary.

    I was first diagnosed with the fatal lung disease when I was just a few months old. I’d been a healthy, hefty 10.2 pounds at birth, but the weight gradually whittled away as I failed to thrive on Mom’s breast milk and developed a croupy whooping cough. By sheer coincidence, her best friend, Gloria, happened to catch a TV program on babies with cystic fibrosis. She immediately called my mother and told her to lick my forehead to see if it tasted salty. It did. That was my first CF diagnosis, albeit an informal one..."

    Read the full text of this moving article about coming to terms with a disease while also embracing multiples forms and types of treatments at

  • Last Chance - Holiday Sales through January 2nd Only!

    Through January 2nd, is offering a few exclusive sales to celebrate the holiday season.

    Free Shipping on Orders Over $25

    free-shipping-holiday-sale Now through January 2nd, stock up on your nebulizer supplies and get free standard shipping on every order over $25.

    PARI Trek S with Battery Pack On Sale

    For the first time, we've discount our already low price on the PARI Trek S Travel Nebulizer System, from $163 to just $154.50 - only through 1/2!

    Trek S Battery Pack on Sale

    On sale now for just $92.70 (our lowest price ever), the PARI Trek S Battery Pack is a great addition to your Trek S Travel Nebulizer System. Go anywhere with Trek S!

    Flex Spending & HSA Account Reminders

    Nebulizer systems and supplies are approved flex spending and health savings account expenses. At the end of each year, those who invest in these types of accounts need to review their current balances and decide how to best use their savings.

    Stocking up on nebulizer cups, tubing, filters, or even purchasing a new travel nebulizer system are all great ways to spend those funds before they expire.

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