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Extends through 5/28 at 11:59PM ET only. Only applies to PARI nebulizer compressor systems. Free filters available for all machines except for the eRapid, which does not require filters. Free filters will be included in your shipped order.

Build Your Own Customized Aerosol Therapy System

When you have the benefit of using a nebulizer that’s custom made to meet your needs, it’s much more likely you’ll not only enjoy reliable treatments, but also be more willing to comply with the recommendations of your doctor. That’s because you won’t have to deal with the potential hassles of a system that generally works well, but doesn’t quite meet your ideals.

Order a Customized System

build-your-own-adult-nebulizer-systemWhen you shop with us at Nebology.com, it’s easy to build your own nebulizer compressor. Also, if you use a prescribed inhaler to manage your asthma, look at the wide assortment of ways to build your own holding chamber. A holding chamber is an excellent add-on to increase the effectiveness of your inhaler. It keeps the medication contained so you have the chance to prepare to take a slow, measured breath and allow the medication to reach your lungs.

Many Options to Suit Your Lifestyle and Usage Habits

Our assortment of nebulizer systems cater to both adults and kids. We even have customized nebulizer compressor solutions that are portable and ready for you to rely upon wherever your travels take you.

An Easy Shopping Experience

No matter if you buy a customized nebulizer or holding chamber, all products start at a base price that increases depending on the accessories you order. Get extras like masks, filters and peak flow meters to make your treatments hassle-free. As you add desired accessories, the price will increase, making it easy to know how much the total will be before you start the checkout process.

Shop with us today and see how beneficial it can be to have aerosol therapy accessories that are designed for the way you live.

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