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  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Nebulizer Supplies

    Properly caring for your nebulizer could increase its lifespan, prevent it from getting clogged, and minimize your risk of getting an infection. Below, you can learn some easy tips that will keep your nebulizer and the respective parts performing as you expect.

    Find a Suitable Space

    To begin, go to an area in your home that’s free of dust and smoke. Also, make sure you’re not near any open windows, because contaminants could come through and make your job more difficult. Set-up an area of your home for recently cleaned nebulizer cups and supplies. Make sure to dry newly cleaned items with fresh towels and always store your sanitized supplies in an area free from dust.

    Things to Do Each Day

    After every treatment, rinse the nebulizer cup with warm water, shake it gently to get rid of excess liquid, and allow it to air dry. At the end of each day, clean more thoroughly by using warm water and gentle dish soap on both the mouthpiece or mask, and the nebulizer cup. There’s no need to rinse the tubing.

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  • When to Replace Your Nebulizer Supplies

    Caring for nebulizer supplies properly is necessary for treatment effectiveness, and it will help you get the maximum lifespan from your aerosol therapy system. Keep reading to learn some helpful guidance about when to replace certain parts.

    Nebulizer Cups

    pari-lc-plus-with-bubbles-maskCompressor systems like the PARI Vios LC Plus and PARI Vios LC Sprint come with a pair of nebulizer cups, and each is designed for six months of use. They also include the handy Timestrip feature that offers a visual indicator to let you know when it’s time to switch to a new cup.

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