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  • Did You Know? Nebology is an Authorized Distributor of PARI Products

    Authorized PARI DistributorAt Nebology, we believe it’s extremely important for people to have choice and control over what nebulizers they use, rather than just accepting whatever is provided. Clinically-proven, effective nebulizers can have a very positive effect on your way of life, and give you more options for receiving treatments. We are an authorized distributor of PARI products, and that results in several advantages for you:

    Products Typically Come Directly From the Manufacturer

    When you order a product from Nebology, it comes straight from the manufacturer. That means you can rest assured it’s new and unopened when it arrives.

    Many Products Are Fully Warrantied

    Most PARI products come with manufacturer’s warranties. After you receive your nebulizer, it’s easy to enjoy the protection of a manufacturer’s warranty after filling out a simple form to register your purchase.

    We Are Very Familiar with PARI Products

    Because we are authorized to sell PARI products, and specialize in them too, our customer service team is well equipped to answer any questions you may have prior to making a purchase. We also have a deep inventory, featuring items that are often hard to find.

    Whether you have been using PARI’s nebulizers for years, or are getting ready to purchase your first device, Nebology is a reliable resource for getting the nebulizers and associated accessories you need to live better.

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    It’s now possible to connect with us on social media and keep up with the latest news about Nebology.com. We'll keep you informed of our store sales, any new products as they are released, and post updates about respiratory news. “Like” us today to follow our page. We make it easy to use social media as a way to learn more about our company and products. Visit us on Facebook today!

  • Stock Up and Save: New Bulk Pricing at Nebology.com

    At Nebology.com, we believe customers should be able to choose the best products for their healthcare needs. However, it’s even better if the cost of those supplies is kind to your budget. Our bulk pricing choices let you take advantage of savings that increase as you buy more items.

    Savings Options for Nebulizer Cups

    Nebulizer cups should be replaced twice a year to ensure consistently delivered treatments and effective results.

    Buy three cups and save $3. In fact, whenever you buy between three and five of our reusable nebulizer cups, you’ll save a dollar per item. Also, if you purchase six or more, you’ll save  $1.50 per cup. These are great reasons to stock up on nebulizer cups so you’ll be able to make replacements i every six months as recommended.

    Spend Less on Aerosol Masks

    We sell comfortable and clinically proven aerosol masks for adults, kids and babies. Buying a quantity of two or three lets you save 25 cents per mask. Alternatively, choosing to order four or more at once allows you to save 50 cents per item.

    Buy More Filters and Tubing at a Bulk Discount

    Nebulizer filters that are dirty cause your aerosol therapy system to work harder than it should, and could eventually make it break down. If your filter is discolored, it’s ready to be replaced.

    Nebulizer tubing is also an important accessory for reliable treatments. Replace your tubing if it’s visibly worn or cracked.

    When you order replacement tubing or filters from Nebolgy.com, you’ll save 50 cents per item when buying two or three products. However, the discount goes up to a dollar off each item you buy four or more filters or tubes.

    Now is a great time to replenish your nebulizer supplies and save money by purchasing in bulk.

  • Your Health, Your Choice - Read our newest article about buying medical equipment.

    Posted on August 20th at: http://www.prlog.org/12361774-your-health-your-choice-what-to-do-when-you-cant-get-the-medical-equipment-you-want.html

    "Your Health, Your Choice - What to Do When You Can't Get the Medical Equipment You Want

    PRLog - Aug. 20, 2014 - When it comes to your health, it’s essential to feel like you have the right to access the best medical equipment available, rather than settling for something less because what you want isn’t covered by an insurance plan or carried by your local medical equipment dealer. As you’ll soon see, getting the equipment you want and need is not an impossible goal.

    A Doctor’s Prescription Doesn’t Guarantee Insurance Coverage

    Many specialty medical products require a prescription in order to purchase. However, as many people ultimately discover, having a valid prescription from a doctor sometimes isn’t enough to get equipment covered by an insurer.

    Medical Equipment, Private Insurance, and Medicare

    Insurance companies generally categorize medical supplies as Durable Medical Equipment, or DME. If you have private insurance, it’s important to read the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to find out the coverage limits for DME, because they’ll vary by provider. In terms of Original Medicare coverage for DME, you’re responsible for paying 20 percent of an amount that’s been approved by Medicare.

    Medicare also has a Competitive Bidding Program that affects people living in certain areas of the country. While it doesn’t play a role in determining which doctors a patient can see, it impacts the rates paid for DME. The program allows suppliers to submit bids for the right to become Medicare’s contract suppliers. The rates for products are lower than prices Medicare paid previously, and are supposed to reflect pricing schemes that are more up-to-date.

    Requirements to Purchase DME from Approved Providers

    In addition to the stipulations above, many insurers mandate a person must only purchase equipment from authorized suppliers. Failing to do that usually means coverage will be denied.

    Authorized Providers and Profit Margins

    Unfortunately, one of the major downsides of being required to only get supplies from particular places is that selection may be very limited. Often, the brands and products offered by approved providers are determined by profit margins. Suppliers frequently carry options that are cheaper to source and less effective than other choices, while billing insurance companies at rates that boost profitability. Clearly, this approach is not advantageous to a patient’s health or freedom of choice. Also, regulations require suppliers to never sell products at lower rates than what’s billed directly to Medicare, even when patients are insured.

    The Out-of-Pocket Alternative

    When patients want devices or treatments that aren’t covered under insurance, they often decide to prioritize their health by paying out-of-pocket. According to data from the National Health Expenditures Accounts, out-of-pocket spending throughout the United States in 2012 totaled $328.2 billion. Two years prior, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality performed a Medical Expenditure Panel Survey and released it last year. That research found 14.2 percent of individuals and families opted to pay out-of-pocket for medical equipment.

    Although some analysts suspect those figures may eventually decline slightly due to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, those statistics show how a substantial number of people are being proactive about access to medical devices by covering the costs themselves when necessary.

    Going Online for Out-of-Pocket Purchases

    You’ve just gotten an overview of some obstacles people must frequently overcome when seeking compensation for DME from Medicare or an insurance company. Not surprisingly, even individuals who have healthcare coverage sometimes opt to pay for equipment out-of-pocket immediately, because it may be more efficient to do that than file an insurance claim.

    Authorized Internet-based companies that supply medical products directly to patients are not bound by Medicare regulations that forbid making a product available to a consumer at a price lower than the billed Medicare rate.

    Often, that means products are available at more reasonable costs. For example, Nebology.com is an authorized online retailer of the PARI line of nebulizer supplies. It frequently gets direct referrals from DME providers that can’t offer customers the desired products or prices.

    Out-of-Pocket Purchases Could Help You Feel Empowered

    Enjoying access to the best equipment available lets you take a proactive role in your health, and could make it easier to follow the specifications outlined in a physician’s treatment plan. Sometimes, that means using products that aren’t covered by an insurer. However, people who don’t have insurance at all also rely on merchants that cater to patients who want to pay out-of-pocket for optimal supplies.

    Patient choice is a powerful thing. Rather than being under the impression you must purchase from providers who may not stock what you really want or need, explore alternative shopping solutions instead. That demonstrates by example you’re not willing to have treatment options dictated to you. Profit margins may be the focus of many suppliers, but it’s your right to use products that could help you stay healthier and live better because they’re the most effective solutions on the market."


  • Build Your Own Customized Aerosol Therapy System

    When you have the benefit of using a nebulizer that’s custom made to meet your needs, it’s much more likely you’ll not only enjoy reliable treatments, but also be more willing to comply with the recommendations of your doctor. That’s because you won’t have to deal with the potential hassles of a system that generally works well, but doesn’t quite meet your ideals.

    Order a Customized System

    build-your-own-adult-nebulizer-systemWhen you shop with us at Nebology.com, it’s easy to build your own nebulizer compressor. Also, if you use a prescribed inhaler to manage your asthma, look at the wide assortment of ways to build your own holding chamber. A holding chamber is an excellent add-on to increase the effectiveness of your inhaler. It keeps the medication contained so you have the chance to prepare to take a slow, measured breath and allow the medication to reach your lungs.

    Many Options to Suit Your Lifestyle and Usage Habits

    Our assortment of nebulizer systems cater to both adults and kids. We even have customized nebulizer compressor solutions that are portable and ready for you to rely upon wherever your travels take you.

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