Free Filters with Every Compressor Purchase


From now through February 28th, any PARI compressor system purchased from will include a package of two filters.

That means your purchase of the PARI Vios, Vios PRO or Trek S compressor includes accessories to help it perform reliably with every treatment. What’s more, a package of filters has a $7.95 retail value. When taking advantage of this offer, you’re saving money on supplies you’ll eventually need to buy anyway by getting them for free.

The Importance of Replacing Your Compressor’s Filter Regularly

Since the filter is a part of the compressor system that’s not visible from the outside, people may forget about changing it regularly. However, it’s very important to read the documentation that comes with your compressor to learn about the recommended filter replacement schedule, and then follow it carefully. Sometimes, it’s visibly obvious a filter needs to be replaced because it becomes gray in color. If a filter is not changed periodically as recommended, it can cause your compressor to break down.

Order a nebulizer compressor system from today, and enjoy this limited time offer so it’s even easier to maintain your aerosol therapy system.

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