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Kitabis Pak - A New Device + Drug Tobramycin Option

kitabis-pak-inhaled-tobramycin-solutionIf you’re a cystic fibrosis or COPD patient who has been prescribed inhaled tobramycin solution to treat a respiratory infection, receiving your treatment just got much simpler. That’s because the FDA has recently approved Kitabis Pak - a new version of inhaled tobramycin that comes packaged with the LC Plus Nebulizer. It's the first product of its kind that combines the inhaled drug with the device needed to administer it - all for just one co-pay! Get everything you need to follow doctor’s orders, conveniently with one kit.


Drug + Device, Delivered to You - See the World in 3D

inhaled-tobramycin-solution-lc-plus-nebulizerSince this new drug + device combination is now available, you can immediately start treatment using the nebulizer cup tested and approved for use with inhaled tobramycin. Physicians can also feel confident prescribing Kitabis Pak, knowing patients will get what they need to start treatments.

The PARI LC Plus Nebulizer delivers treatments in an average time of just 6-7 minutes, is easy to clean, and has clinically proven efficacy and safety. Also, because your doctor no longer needs to write a separate prescription for the drug and nebulizer, that makes it simpler to get treatments started - one prescription, one co-pay, and one pharmacy!


How to Get Kitabis Pak

Currently, Kitabis Pak is being exclusively distributed by PARI Respiratory, the makers of the LC Plus. Through PARI's network of specialty pharmacies, you can find Kitabis Pak - your new drug+ device option for inhaled tobramycin.

The kit you'll receive includes a 28-day supply of the drug (56 single use ampules), the PARI LC Plus reusable nebulizer, Wing Tip Tubing, and patient information and instructions.

Ask your doctor about Kitabis Pak - it's a new product, so he or she may need more information. Find more about Kitabis Pak online and hopefully the next time you are prescribed inhaled tobramycin treatments, you can choose the option that's simplest and most beneficial to you!

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