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  • Traveling with Your Nebulizer Compressor System

    If you’re someone who depends on aerosol therapy to manage a chronic health issue like COPD or severe asthma, think about supplementing your tabletop model with a portable nebulizer compressor system. That device could help you travel more confidently without feeling like health concerns are holding you back.

    Battery Operated Systems Are Available

    pari-trek-s-nebulizer-and-batterySometimes excursions may take you to places where electrical outlets aren’t readily available. Alternatively, maybe you just want a portable nebulizer that can still be used even when you’re dealing with unexpected hassles like power outages.

    The PARI Trek S Portable Nebulizer System with Rechargeable Battery was made with those needs in mind. Whether you’re at work, in the car or even on an airplane, this model will keep working reliably to give you peace of mind. It includes convenient adapters you can use to plug the device into a wall or car power outlet, too.

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