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  • Nebology Now Carrying the eRapid Nebulizer System

    New! eRapid Available for Purchase OnlineAt Nebology, we believe it’s important for our customers to be able to make the best choices for their health. That’s why we’re excited about being the first online retailer to sell the eRapid nebulizer system.

    It can reduce treatment times by nearly a third, and is designed to produce consistently sized particles for reliable performance and effective treatments. This travel-friendly and easy-to-use system is available from us at a significant discount, and offered by prescription only. Contact our customer service team for more details, or read more about the eRapid system here.

  • New! Sinus Products by PARI at Nebology

    sinus_system_pic1You may already be familiar with sinus nebulizer systems that treat chronic conditions such as rhinitis, sinusitis and severe allergies, but PARI is the first manufacturer to build and market a targeted system that gets medication into the deepest parts of the sinus passageways. Now you can shop for these new and clinically-proven products at Nebology.com. Keep reading to learn more about them.

    PARI SinuStar Nasal Aerosol Delivery System

    As the only FDA-approved nebulizer system made specifically for the upper airway, this product is an excellent choice for people who have not responded well to oral or intravenous interventions. Intranasal medication can go directly where it’s most needed to give maximally therapeutic results in a short time. Patients may also experience fewer side effects because they don’t have to use as much medication to reduce bothersome symptoms.

    The PARI SINUS Pulsating Aerosol System

    This nebulizer device offers the same targeted medication delivery as the SinuStar, with a pulsating vibration feature to help open the sinuses and nasal passages during treatments. Compared to nasal sprays, this product has been clinically shown to use medication more effectively by reducing waste while quickly treating sinus inflammation.

    Soothe Your Nasal Passages with the Montesol Nasal Wash

    The Montesol Nasal Wash product gently cleanses nasal passages by getting rid of irritants such as dirt, dust and excessive mucus. It’s also a great way clean areas in the nose affected by post-surgical scabbing.

    The product is similar to nasal irrigation systems such as neti pots, but features a lightweight, handheld design that’s great for travel. Keep it easily accessible during cold season, or just to get into the habit of a regular nasal cleansing routine that could help you breathe more easily and avoid chronic symptoms.

    Sinus problems affect people of all ages, and they can greatly interfere with quality of life if not managed properly. Fortunately. Nebology makes it easy to get specialized products that could help you live healthier and effectively treat upper airway issues.

  • The PARI Vios PRO Vs. the PARI Vios: Which is Right For You?

    There are many considerations related to choosing a nebulizer system, but it’s always smart to think about how often you’ll need to use the device, plus whether the model will fit in with your lifestyle and goals. Keep reading to get some more insight.

    The PARI Vios® Pro: Powerful Performance

    PARI Vios Pro SystemA new addition to the PARI Vios® family, the PARI Vios PRO® comes with a robust 1.6 bar nebulizer compressor that’s designed for heavy-use patients. In fact, the PARI Vios compressor system offers the highest pressure output of any PARI product, and also includes thicker tubing that’s appropriate for the increased power of this model. Furthermore, this system is compatible with the entire PARI line, and can be used by both kids and adults.

    The PARI Vios®: An Environmentally Friendly Choice

    This eco-friendly solution features packaging and a travel carrying case made from recycled materials. Although the nebulizer compressor for this model is not as rugged as what comes with the Pro model, it’s still built with engineering that helps you enjoy fast treatments, a consistent particle size and reliable results.

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  • New Vios ‘Go Green’ Systems - Available Now

    If you’re ready to begin using a dependable aerosol therapy system that supports your interest in environmental sustainability, PARI Vios ‘Go Green’ compressors are now available to purchase. They’ll easily fit in with your eco-conscious lifestyle goals.

    New for This Year

    Ever since the original Vios systems were released in 2010, PARI has enjoyed a consistent reputation for producing reliable compressor systems and accessories that are depended upon for daily use by patients, and preferred by healthcare providers in clinical settings.

    New! PARI Vios Go Green Nebulizer Compressor SystemThat strong commitment to high-quality products remains the same, but the items in the Vios 'Go Green' line are new designs. They are appropriate for both adults and kids, and available in either the LC Plus or LC Sprint configuration.

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