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  • Free Filters with Every Compressor Purchase


    From now through February 28th, any PARI compressor system purchased from Nebology.com will include a package of two filters.

    That means your purchase of the PARI Vios, Vios PRO or Trek S compressor includes accessories to help it perform reliably with every treatment. What’s more, a package of filters has a $7.95 retail value. When taking advantage of this offer, you’re saving money on supplies you’ll eventually need to buy anyway by getting them for free.

    The Importance of Replacing Your Compressor’s Filter Regularly

    Since the filter is a part of the compressor system that’s not visible from the outside, people may forget about changing it regularly. However, it’s very important to read the documentation that comes with your compressor to learn about the recommended filter replacement schedule, and then follow it carefully. Sometimes, it’s visibly obvious a filter needs to be replaced because it becomes gray in color. If a filter is not changed periodically as recommended, it can cause your compressor to break down.

    Order a nebulizer compressor system from Nebology.com today, and enjoy this limited time offer so it’s even easier to maintain your aerosol therapy system.

  • Last Chance - Holiday Sales through January 2nd Only!

    Through January 2nd, Nebology.com is offering a few exclusive sales to celebrate the holiday season.

    Free Shipping on Orders Over $25

    free-shipping-holiday-sale Now through January 2nd, stock up on your nebulizer supplies and get free standard shipping on every order over $25.

    PARI Trek S with Battery Pack On Sale

    For the first time, we've discount our already low price on the PARI Trek S Travel Nebulizer System, from $163 to just $154.50 - only through 1/2!

    Trek S Battery Pack on Sale

    On sale now for just $92.70 (our lowest price ever), the PARI Trek S Battery Pack is a great addition to your Trek S Travel Nebulizer System. Go anywhere with Trek S!

    Flex Spending & HSA Account Reminders

    Nebulizer systems and supplies are approved flex spending and health savings account expenses. At the end of each year, those who invest in these types of accounts need to review their current balances and decide how to best use their savings.

    Stocking up on nebulizer cups, tubing, filters, or even purchasing a new travel nebulizer system are all great ways to spend those funds before they expire.

  • The PARI Vios PRO On Sale

    CaptureFall Savings on the PARI Vios PRO! For a limited time only, we're offering the Vios PRO systems for just $84.95! Plus, if you use discount code "FALL14" in your shopping cart, you'll receive two free replacement filters for your new system!

    Read more information below about the awesome Vios PRO - a compressor system for frequent users:

    Designed to accommodate the needs of heavy-duty nebulizer users with ease, the PARI Vios® Pro is the newest nebulizer compressor system available from the brand. It features a complete set of features and accessories that ensure reliable operation and consistent results. The system is available in both the Vios Pro LC® Plus and Vios Pro LC® Sprint configurations. Either are ideal for patients who are managing conditions like COPD, severe asthma and cystic fibrosis. Both can also be used by adults and children.

    What Makes The Pro Model Different?

    Although it features a more robust motor than any of the other compressors in the Vios® family, this compressor runs very quietly. The superior mechanical engineering allows people to use the device consistently without worrying parts will prematurely wear out. Thanks to a 1.6 bar air compressor, the Vios® Pro offers the highest pressure output available.

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  • Stock Up and Save: New Bulk Pricing at Nebology.com

    At Nebology.com, we believe customers should be able to choose the best products for their healthcare needs. However, it’s even better if the cost of those supplies is kind to your budget. Our bulk pricing choices let you take advantage of savings that increase as you buy more items.

    Savings Options for Nebulizer Cups

    Nebulizer cups should be replaced twice a year to ensure consistently delivered treatments and effective results.

    Buy three cups and save $3. In fact, whenever you buy between three and five of our reusable nebulizer cups, you’ll save a dollar per item. Also, if you purchase six or more, you’ll save  $1.50 per cup. These are great reasons to stock up on nebulizer cups so you’ll be able to make replacements i every six months as recommended.

    Spend Less on Aerosol Masks

    We sell comfortable and clinically proven aerosol masks for adults, kids and babies. Buying a quantity of two or three lets you save 25 cents per mask. Alternatively, choosing to order four or more at once allows you to save 50 cents per item.

    Buy More Filters and Tubing at a Bulk Discount

    Nebulizer filters that are dirty cause your aerosol therapy system to work harder than it should, and could eventually make it break down. If your filter is discolored, it’s ready to be replaced.

    Nebulizer tubing is also an important accessory for reliable treatments. Replace your tubing if it’s visibly worn or cracked.

    When you order replacement tubing or filters from Nebolgy.com, you’ll save 50 cents per item when buying two or three products. However, the discount goes up to a dollar off each item you buy four or more filters or tubes.

    Now is a great time to replenish your nebulizer supplies and save money by purchasing in bulk.

  • How to Care for Your Nebulizer + Free Shipping through 9/2!

    Free-Shipping-Labor-Day-Sale-BannerMany of our customers have had their nebulizer systems for years but have never been instructed about how to care for their devices. Nebulizer systems require a bit of maintenance to ensure the most effective treatments for you. 

    Cleaning and Sanitizing

    Did you know that PARI nebulizer cups can be boiled or washed in the dishwasher? Or that vinegar and water is a safe and effective way to disinfect your nebulizer supplies? Keeping your nebulizer equipment clean is one important key to a healthy respiratory system. Germs that deposit on the equipment during an illness should be thoroughly disinfected so they don't become a bigger problem. Read more on our blog about cleaning your supplies...

    When to Replace Your Supplies

    Did you know that PARI filters often start to turn gray when they need to be replaced? Or that your filter has the important job of removing pollen, dust and debris from the air that's about to go into your lungs? So many customers get their nebulizer systems with very few instructions or education about taking care of each piece and part. While some parts can be cleaned, others just need to be replaced every so often. Read our blog to learn when to replace your nebulizer supplies...

    Free Standard Shipping through 9/2 - Labor Day Sale

    For Labor Day weekend, we're giving free shipping for every order. This is a great time to stock up on your nebulizer replacement parts, such as tubing, filters or nebulizer cups. No discount code needed, just start shopping to receive your free standard shipping now

  • Mid-Summer Sale! PARI Trek S On Sale + 2 Free Filters...

    Through the end of summer, Nebology.com is offering a new promotion for those interested in purchasing a Trek S Portable Compressor System for their travels. Not only are both the PARI Trek S System and the PARI Trek S System with Battery Pack on sale, we're now giving every customer TWO free replacement filters with promo code "SUMMER14".

    The PARI Trek S System is portable and travel-friendly design at its finest. Weighing in at less than 1 pound, every Trek S System comes with an ultra-small, ultra-portable compressor, an AC plug for the wall, a DC plug for the car, two LC Sprint Nebulizer Cups, two tubings, a canvas travel bag, and (for a limited time) three filters!

    No other kit is more complete. No bigger than a small paperback book, the Trek S also has a rechargeable battery pack option that includes all of the accessories above plus a lithium ion battery that lasts for up to one hour of treatment time. To get more info about traveling with Trek, read this blog - Traveling with Your Nebulizer.


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