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  • In-Depth Product Feature: The PARI SINUS


    Aerosol therapy systems can be significantly helpful for people with chronic sinus problems, but all devices available for patients are not the same. The PARI SINUS is specially designed to help as much medication as possible reach the sinuses, so each treatment is maximally effective.

    Clinically-Proven Results

    The PARI SINUS system combines the same efficient nebulization that's common to all products in the PARI brand, along with a vibrating pulse. The vibration is clinically proven through MRI imaging tests to deliver more medication to the sinuses than sinus treatment systems that do not pulsate, including nasal sprays.

    Because more medication reaches the sinuses with every attempt, you can potentially use less medication overall, which reduces side effects.

    An Innovative Product

    There are other intranasal aerosol therapy systems on the market, including PARI's SinuStar system. It produces small particles and directs the aerosol towards the upper airway for good results.

    Even so, the PARI SINUS System is the first of its kind on the market, because of the pulsating feature that helps open the sinus and nasal passages. That allows medication to reach the deepest parts of sinus passageways, where it's most needed.

    How to Purchase the PARI SINUS

    Once you’ve gotten information from your doctor and talked with him or her about using aerosol therapy to treat your sinus condition, order the PARI SINUS Pulsating Aerosol System conveniently from us at Nebology.com.

    Note that currently, insurance companies in the United States do not cover the costs of aerosol therapy systems for sinus treatments. However, such devices are especially popular with patients in Europe and Canada. They are successfully being used in those places, plus the United States, to treat conditions like allergies and rhinitis.

    Although it's necessary to pay out-of-pocket for now, hopefully insurance companies will eventually change their coverage policies, particularly as American physicians continue to recommend aerosol therapy treatments for sinus problems.

  • New! Sinus Products by PARI at Nebology

    sinus_system_pic1You may already be familiar with sinus nebulizer systems that treat chronic conditions such as rhinitis, sinusitis and severe allergies, but PARI is the first manufacturer to build and market a targeted system that gets medication into the deepest parts of the sinus passageways. Now you can shop for these new and clinically-proven products at Nebology.com. Keep reading to learn more about them.

    PARI SinuStar Nasal Aerosol Delivery System

    As the only FDA-approved nebulizer system made specifically for the upper airway, this product is an excellent choice for people who have not responded well to oral or intravenous interventions. Intranasal medication can go directly where it’s most needed to give maximally therapeutic results in a short time. Patients may also experience fewer side effects because they don’t have to use as much medication to reduce bothersome symptoms.

    The PARI SINUS Pulsating Aerosol System

    This nebulizer device offers the same targeted medication delivery as the SinuStar, with a pulsating vibration feature to help open the sinuses and nasal passages during treatments. Compared to nasal sprays, this product has been clinically shown to use medication more effectively by reducing waste while quickly treating sinus inflammation.

    Soothe Your Nasal Passages with the Montesol Nasal Wash

    The Montesol Nasal Wash product gently cleanses nasal passages by getting rid of irritants such as dirt, dust and excessive mucus. It’s also a great way clean areas in the nose affected by post-surgical scabbing.

    The product is similar to nasal irrigation systems such as neti pots, but features a lightweight, handheld design that’s great for travel. Keep it easily accessible during cold season, or just to get into the habit of a regular nasal cleansing routine that could help you breathe more easily and avoid chronic symptoms.

    Sinus problems affect people of all ages, and they can greatly interfere with quality of life if not managed properly. Fortunately. Nebology makes it easy to get specialized products that could help you live healthier and effectively treat upper airway issues.

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