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Trek S

  • Mid-Summer Sale! PARI Trek S On Sale + 2 Free Filters...

    Through the end of summer, Nebology.com is offering a new promotion for those interested in purchasing a Trek S Portable Compressor System for their travels. Not only are both the PARI Trek S System and the PARI Trek S System with Battery Pack on sale, we're now giving every customer TWO free replacement filters with promo code "SUMMER14".

    The PARI Trek S System is portable and travel-friendly design at its finest. Weighing in at less than 1 pound, every Trek S System comes with an ultra-small, ultra-portable compressor, an AC plug for the wall, a DC plug for the car, two LC Sprint Nebulizer Cups, two tubings, a canvas travel bag, and (for a limited time) three filters!

    No other kit is more complete. No bigger than a small paperback book, the Trek S also has a rechargeable battery pack option that includes all of the accessories above plus a lithium ion battery that lasts for up to one hour of treatment time. To get more info about traveling with Trek, read this blog - Traveling with Your Nebulizer.

  • Build Your Own Customized Aerosol Therapy System

    When you have the benefit of using a nebulizer that’s custom made to meet your needs, it’s much more likely you’ll not only enjoy reliable treatments, but also be more willing to comply with the recommendations of your doctor. That’s because you won’t have to deal with the potential hassles of a system that generally works well, but doesn’t quite meet your ideals.

    Order a Customized System

    build-your-own-adult-nebulizer-systemWhen you shop with us at Nebology.com, it’s easy to build your own nebulizer compressor. Also, if you use a prescribed inhaler to manage your asthma, look at the wide assortment of ways to build your own holding chamber. A holding chamber is an excellent add-on to increase the effectiveness of your inhaler. It keeps the medication contained so you have the chance to prepare to take a slow, measured breath and allow the medication to reach your lungs.

    Many Options to Suit Your Lifestyle and Usage Habits

    Our assortment of nebulizer systems cater to both adults and kids. We even have customized nebulizer compressor solutions that are portable and ready for you to rely upon wherever your travels take you.

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  • Traveling with Your Nebulizer Compressor System

    If you’re someone who depends on aerosol therapy to manage a chronic health issue like COPD or severe asthma, think about supplementing your tabletop model with a portable nebulizer compressor system. That device could help you travel more confidently without feeling like health concerns are holding you back.

    Battery Operated Systems Are Available

    pari-trek-s-nebulizer-and-batterySometimes excursions may take you to places where electrical outlets aren’t readily available. Alternatively, maybe you just want a portable nebulizer that can still be used even when you’re dealing with unexpected hassles like power outages.

    The PARI Trek S Portable Nebulizer System with Rechargeable Battery was made with those needs in mind. Whether you’re at work, in the car or even on an airplane, this model will keep working reliably to give you peace of mind. It includes convenient adapters you can use to plug the device into a wall or car power outlet, too.

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