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  • Build Your Own Customized Aerosol Therapy System

    When you have the benefit of using a nebulizer that’s custom made to meet your needs, it’s much more likely you’ll not only enjoy reliable treatments, but also be more willing to comply with the recommendations of your doctor. That’s because you won’t have to deal with the potential hassles of a system that generally works well, but doesn’t quite meet your ideals.

    Order a Customized System

    build-your-own-adult-nebulizer-systemWhen you shop with us at Nebology.com, it’s easy to build your own nebulizer compressor. Also, if you use a prescribed inhaler to manage your asthma, look at the wide assortment of ways to build your own holding chamber. A holding chamber is an excellent add-on to increase the effectiveness of your inhaler. It keeps the medication contained so you have the chance to prepare to take a slow, measured breath and allow the medication to reach your lungs.

    Many Options to Suit Your Lifestyle and Usage Habits

    Our assortment of nebulizer systems cater to both adults and kids. We even have customized nebulizer compressor solutions that are portable and ready for you to rely upon wherever your travels take you.

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  • Choosing Aerosol Therapy Options for Children: It's Easy!

    Exam_Room_Trek-S_Sprint_Bubbles2If your son or daughter has a condition like severe asthma that requires regular aerosol therapy treatments, check out the complete assortment of PARI pediatric products designed to deliver effective treatments to smaller users. Keep reading to get tips for selecting appropriate pediatric nebulizer compressors and accessories.

    An Option for Babies and Infants

    pari-baby-mask-size-0-1-2The PARI Baby Mask Conversion Kit is intended for users from one month to three years of age. Just choose the size you need when placing an order. The smaller design targets the lungs to provide fast and worthwhile treatments when the conversion kit is used with the PARI Vios 'Go Green!' LC Sprint pediatric system.

    Products for Preschoolers and Toddlers

    PARI Vios ‘Go Green!’ pediatric nebulizer compressors also work well if you have a toddler or preschooler.  Just use them along with pediatric masks designed for children.

    The Bubbles the Fish Pediatric Aerosol Mask is made from a flexible material that conforms to the shape of smaller faces, and is comfortable for kids to wear. An innovative front-loading design directs airflow towards the mouth, so less medication is wasted. Also, the fish design adds an adorable touch.

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  • The PARI Vios PRO Vs. the PARI Vios: Which is Right For You?

    There are many considerations related to choosing a nebulizer system, but it’s always smart to think about how often you’ll need to use the device, plus whether the model will fit in with your lifestyle and goals. Keep reading to get some more insight.

    The PARI Vios® Pro: Powerful Performance

    PARI Vios Pro SystemA new addition to the PARI Vios® family, the PARI Vios PRO® comes with a robust 1.6 bar nebulizer compressor that’s designed for heavy-use patients. In fact, the PARI Vios compressor system offers the highest pressure output of any PARI product, and also includes thicker tubing that’s appropriate for the increased power of this model. Furthermore, this system is compatible with the entire PARI line, and can be used by both kids and adults.

    The PARI Vios®: An Environmentally Friendly Choice

    This eco-friendly solution features packaging and a travel carrying case made from recycled materials. Although the nebulizer compressor for this model is not as rugged as what comes with the Pro model, it’s still built with engineering that helps you enjoy fast treatments, a consistent particle size and reliable results.

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  • New Vios ‘Go Green’ Systems - Available Now

    If you’re ready to begin using a dependable aerosol therapy system that supports your interest in environmental sustainability, PARI Vios ‘Go Green’ compressors are now available to purchase. They’ll easily fit in with your eco-conscious lifestyle goals.

    New for This Year

    Ever since the original Vios systems were released in 2010, PARI has enjoyed a consistent reputation for producing reliable compressor systems and accessories that are depended upon for daily use by patients, and preferred by healthcare providers in clinical settings.

    New! PARI Vios Go Green Nebulizer Compressor SystemThat strong commitment to high-quality products remains the same, but the items in the Vios 'Go Green' line are new designs. They are appropriate for both adults and kids, and available in either the LC Plus or LC Sprint configuration.

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