PARI SINUS Pulsating Aerosol Compressor System

Nebulizer System
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The PARI SINUS Pulsating Aerosol System combines efficient nebulization with a vibrating pulse, delivering aerosol directly to the sinuses. Aerosol therapy has been used effectively to treat upper airway conditions including chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, and allergies.

While there are currently other sinus nebulizer systems on the market, PARI is the first manufacturer to design and release a targeted sinus therapy system that is proven in clinical trials to get the medication to the areas it's most needed—the deepest parts of the sinus passageways. When compared to other sinus medication delivery systems, the PARI SINUS has a clinically proven track record of more effectively treating your sinus inflammation with less medication.

Product Features

  • Targeted delivery of medication directly to the sinuses
  • Deposits significantly more medication into the sinus cavities vs. nasal sprays using pulsating technology that helps to open the sinus and nasal passages during use
  • Less medication required to get treatment dose = lower side effects

PARI SINUS Instructions for Use & Brochures

PARI SINUS Pulsating System Brochure
PARI SINUS Instructions for Use

Product Type: Nebulizer System
Prescription Required? Yes
What's Included: PARI Sinus Aerosol System Compressor, PARI LC Sprint Sinus Nebulizer Kit, Nose Plug
Power Supply: Integrated AC Wall Plug
Medication Particle Size: 3.2 µm
Product Warranty: 5 year warranty on the compressor unit
Accessories Available: Replacement PARI LC Sprint Sinus Nebulizer Kit, WingTip Tubing
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PARI SINUS Pulsating Aerosol Compressor System
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