PARI VORTEX Infant Holding Chamber Mask - Chloe the Ladybug

Holding Chamber Mask

The PARI VORTEX Chloe the Ladybug Infant Mask is designed for use with the PARI VORTEX Non-Electrostatic Holding Chamber, adapting it for use in babies and infants ages 1 to 2 years old. Created with childhood fun in mind, the PARI Ladybug Mask incorporates a cute character to keep the attention of even the most impatient child.

Studies show that up to 73% more drug is available to the lungs when using the VORTEX than with traditional plastic spacers. The PARI VORTEX is compatible with all brands of inhalers and has a patented "duck-bill" valve that ensures medication is only released when your child inhales.

The VORTEX reduces medicinal waste around the mouth and should be used by anyone who uses an MDI. It can be adapted with Chloe or Felix pediatric masks to make it compatible for any age. 

PARI VORTEX Instructions for Use & Brochures

VORTEX Pediatric Masks Instructions for Use
VORTEX Brochure

VORTEX Instructions for Use

Product Type: Holding Chamber Mask
Prescription Required? No
What's Included: 1x Chloe the Ladybug Removable Mask for Infant & Toddler Use (ages 1-2), Instructions for Use
Accessories Available: PARI VORTEX Holding Chamber System
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PARI VORTEX Infant Holding Chamber Mask - Chloe the Ladybug
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