PARI eRapid Connection Cord

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This replacement connection cord unifies the eBase controller unit to the eRapid nebulizer handset. PARI’s patented eFlow technology features a vibrating perforated mesh system, so unlike traditional tubing that carries air from a compressor pump, this cable allows the base to electronically communicate with the handset instead.

This is an exact, direct PARI replacement to the cable that ships with the full eRapid Nebulizer System.

    PARI eRapid Instructions for Use & Brochures

    eRapid & eFlow Brochure
    eRapid Instructions for Use

    Product Type: Power Cords & Batteries
    Prescription Required? No
    What's Included: 1x eRapid replacement connection cord
    Accessories Available: Replacement eRapid AC Power Cord, Replacement eFlow Nebulizer Handset, eRapid Cleaning Kit, eRapid Nebulizer System
    Shipping: FREE SHIPPING on all orders $49+!

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    Technical Tip: There are many different ways to digitize a written prescription allowing you to send it to us with minimal time and effort. Using a standard desktop scanner provides an optimal quality scan, but often a well-lit, clear digital photo taken with a high quality camera phone or similar can be more than sufficient. Our Customer Support team members are available and willing to help you with this and any other part of the ordering process if needed.

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