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Often considered to the "workhorse" of nebulizer handsets, the PARI LC Star Reusable Nebulizer Cup is designed to reach the absolute deepest part of the lungs during any treatment. While...

Often considered to the "workhorse" of nebulizer handsets, the PARI LC Star Reusable Nebulizer Cup is designed to reach the absolute deepest part of the lungs during any treatment.

While not as fast as other nebulizer devices, the PARI LC Star provides an extremely effective and thorough treatment for any patient who might need that extra time and medication push. Often prescribed or recommended for patients with advanced airway disease, the LC Star is a classic nebulizer handset choice that is popular for the treatment of things like cystic fibrosis or COPD. And for patients with smaller or constricted airways, this device delivers the smallest overall particle size of any PARI LC nebulizer.

PARI's patented breath-enhanced technology delivers more medication when you breathe in, and wastes less when you breathe out for the best treatment possible.

Easy to clean and completely dishwasher safe, the LC Star includes the proven features of the LC series such as a valved mouthpiece, easy-to-load medicine cup, boilable (for easy sterilization) components, and a side-view clear window to let you know how much medication you have left during your treatment.

Each nebulizer set comes with a tubing, mouthpiece valve, instructions for use, and the PARI Timestrip.

*Includes replacement Wing Tip Tubing*


PARI LC Star, Sprint & LC Plus Brochure
PARI LC Star Instructions for Use


Product Type: Nebulizer Cup
Prescription Required? Yes
What's Included: PARI LC STAR® Reusable Nebulizer, Wing Tip® tubing, Instructions for Use
HCPCS Billing Code(s): A7005
Average Treatment Time: 7-8 minutes per 2.5 mL of medication
Medication Particle Size: 3.5 microns
Medication Respirable Fraction: 78%
Care Instructions: Wash with hot soapy water, on the top dishwasher rack, by boiling on the stovetop, or in an autoclave to sterilize after use.
When to replace? Nebulizer cups should be replaced after 6 months of use.
Accessories Available: PARI Bubbles Pediatric Mask, PARI Adult Mask, PARI LC Nebulizer Filter Pad, PARI Wing Tip Tubing
Shipping: FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75!

Federal law requires that we have your prescription on file before we ship your nebulizer systems, nebulizer sets, or holding chambers. We adhere strictly to this policy and will not ship unless we have a valid prescription on file referencing the patient name and physician information.

We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible for you by providing several ways to get your prescription to us. Please be sure to write or type your order number on your prescription before sending it.

Send us your prescription by:

Faxing it to 1 (804) 413-6615

Emailing it to

We'll Call Your Doctor for You—Place your order and then contact us by phone or email and we'll help you obtain a prescription!

Uploading it here on our site

Returning customers can choose an option during checkout that allows you to use a previous prescription, as long as it has not passed a specified expiration date. In many cases, physicians are willing to write prescriptions for nebulizers systems and related products that do not have an expiration date, therefore allowing you to keep a permanent prescription on file with us for all future orders.

Technical Tip: There are many different ways to digitize a written prescription allowing you to send it to us with minimal time and effort. Using a standard desktop scanner provides an optimal quality scan, but often a well-lit, clear digital photo taken with a high quality camera phone or similar can be more than sufficient. Our Customer Support team members are available and willing to help you with this and any other part of the ordering process if needed.

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PARI LC Star Reusable Nebulizer Cup & Tubing
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