PARI SmartMask Kids for eFlow & eRapid Devices

Nebulizer Mask
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The PARI SMARTMASK Kids is designed to be used exclusively with the eFlow family of PARI devices, including the TRIO, ALTERA, eRapid, and eFlow Nebulizer Systems. This removable pediatric mask works perfectly with your child's face to ensure that he or she is receiving the required dose of medicine during nebulizer treatments.

More Information about eRapid:

PARI eRapid Instructions for Use & Brochures

eRapid & eFlow Brochure
eRapid Instructions for Use

Product Type: Nebulizer Mask
Prescription Required? No
What's Included: 1x eRapid & eFlow-compatible SmartMask for babies & kids and instructions for use.
Accessories Available: Replacement eFlow Nebulizer Handset, eRapid Cleaning Kit, eRapid Nebulizer System
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PARI SmartMask Kids for eFlow & eRapid Devices
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