PARI Trek S 12V DC Adapter

Power Cords & Batteries
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For use exclusively with the PARI Trek S Portable Nebulizer System, this Trek S 12-Volt DC Adapter power cord allows you to use your Trek S while on the go! It plugs into any vehicle power source (formerly cigarette lighter plugs) and will run your Trek S just like the AC adapter plug. Take treatments anywhere with Trek S!

This Trek S DC Adapter Plug can also be used with a 12-volt marine battery as an optional Trek S power source.

Includes one 12-volt DC Power Adapter.


    PARI Trek S System Brochure
    PARI Trek S Instructions for Use

    Product Type: Power Cords & Batteries
    Prescription Required? No
    What's Included: 1x 12-volt DC adapter for Trek S (for use in automobiles or boats), instructions for use
    Accessories Available: PARI Trek S AC Adapter, PARI Trek S Li-Ion Battery Pack
    Shipping: FREE SHIPPING on all orders $49+!

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    PARI Trek S 12V DC Adapter
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