PARI Trek S Battery Pack and 12V DC Adapter Power Kit

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This portable power kit for the PARI Trek S Portable Compressor includes the two most important accessories for your travel—the Trek S DC 12-volt power adapter and the Trek S rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.

Both pieces work perfectly with the design and structure of your PARI Trek S and extend its usage to virtually anywhere. Great for travel, to keep in the car for emergency treatments, or for just doing treatments on the go, the PARI Trek S is effective, convenient, and oh-so-portable.

This power kit extends that portability even further by ensuring you can doing treatments for up to one hour by battery power, or indefinitely by plugging your unit into a 12-volt DC car power source.

This kit includes one Trek S Rechargeable Battery Pack and one 12-volt DC Power Adapter.


    PARI Trek S System Brochure
    PARI Trek S Instructions for Use



    Please read these special instructions from the manufacturer for the PARI Trek S Lithium-Ion Battery.

    When not regularly using the battery, the battery should be fully charged every six months to optimize and preserve the life of the rechargeable battery. NOTE: If the battery goes for a long period of time without charging, battery life will be decreased. The battery should be stored fully charged in a cool dry place.

    If the charge indicator does not appear, or if all four indicators are blinking, the battery has failed and should not be used.

    NOTE: Do not leave the multi-voltage AC Adapter plugged into the rechargeable battery for more than 7 days. Leaving the battery connected to the power adapter for long periods of time may decrease the life of the battery.

    Product Type: Power Cords & Batteries
    Prescription Required? No
    What's Included: 1x rechargeable battery pack for Trek S Portable Compressor, 1x 12-volt DC adapter for Trek S (for use in automobiles or boats), instructions for use
    Power Supply: DC 12 Volt Car Adapter, Included Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack (one hour of treatment time per charge)
    Product Warranty: 6 month limited warranty for battery
    Accessories Available: PARI Trek S AC Adapter
    Shipping: FREE SHIPPING on this product!

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    PARI Trek S Battery Pack and 12V DC Adapter Power Kit
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