PARI Trek S Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack

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This PARI Trek S Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack is an optional (but very helpful!) accessory for the Trek S Portable Nebulizer Compressor System. Designed to integrate perfectly within the structure of your PARI Trek S, this great, lightweight battery will ensure you can take your treatments anywhere.

A lithium-ion battery, this unit lasts for 1 hour of treatments per charge and has no "battery memory" which means you can recharge it at any battery level. You can easily recharge your battery using either the AC wall adapter or the DC 12-volt plug adapter in your car.

Includes one Trek S Rechargeable Battery Pack.


    PARI Trek S System Brochure
    PARI Trek S Instructions for Use



    Please read these special instructions from the manufacturer for the PARI Trek S Lithium-Ion Battery.

    When not regularly using the battery, the battery should be fully charged every six months to optimize and preserve the life of the rechargeable battery. NOTE: If the battery goes for a long period of time without charging, battery life will be decreased. The battery should be stored fully charged in a cool dry place.

    If the charge indicator does not appear, or if all four indicators are blinking, the battery has failed and should not be used.

    NOTE: Do not leave the multi-voltage AC Adapter plugged into the rechargeable battery for more than 7 days. Leaving the battery connected to the power adapter for long periods of time may decrease the life of the battery.

    Product Type: Power Cords & Batteries
    Prescription Required? No
    What's Included: 1x rechargeable battery pack for Trek S Portable Compressor, instructions for use
    Power Supply: Included Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack (one hour of treatment time per charge)
    Product Warranty: 6 month limited warranty for battery
    Accessories Available: PARI Trek S AC Adapter, PARI Trek S 12v DC Adapter
    Shipping: FREE SHIPPING on this product!

    Federal law requires that we have your prescription on file before we ship your nebulizer systems, nebulizer sets, or holding chambers. We adhere strictly to this policy and will not ship unless we have a valid prescription on file referencing the patient name and physician information.

    We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible for you by providing several ways to get your prescription to us. Please be sure to write or type your order number on your prescription before sending it.

    Send us your prescription by:

    Faxing it to 866-723-9436

    Emailing it to

    We'll Call Your Doctor for You—Place your order and then contact us by phone or email and we'll help you obtain a prescription!

    Uploading it here on our site

    Returning customers can choose an option during checkout that allows you to use a previous prescription, as long as it has not passed a specified expiration date. In many cases, physicians are willing to write prescriptions for nebulizers systems and related products that do not have an expiration date, therefore allowing you to keep a permanent prescription on file with us for all future orders.

    Technical Tip: There are many different ways to digitize a written prescription allowing you to send it to us with minimal time and effort. Using a standard desktop scanner provides an optimal quality scan, but often a well-lit, clear digital photo taken with a high quality camera phone or similar can be more than sufficient. Our Customer Support team members are available and willing to help you with this and any other part of the ordering process if needed.

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    Customer Reviews
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    Victor D.
    United States
    I recommend this product

    Completely surprised, awesome

    Constance J.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Pari Trek battery review.

    Everything was fine with my order except for the delay in the order because of your backup in receiving them.

    Sheila G.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Battery pack for Pari TrekS

    Great item, works perfectly.

    Carrie C.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    Nice for travel

    I like the battery for nebulizer treatments on the go. However, you must e-charge the battery at least once/week if you are not using the battery and Pari Trek s device on a regular basis. Otherwise the battery can become dead requiring purchase of a new battery. Also I have noticed that when recharging, if all the4 lights start flashing, the battery may be dead. I have had some success leaving the flashing battery off for a couple of days and sometimes I can recharge it and it will work. Also, as soon as all the lights are lit indicating the battery has been properly recharged, unplug it so as not to overcharge the battery.


    Thank you for your detailed review, Carrie. We contacted the manufacturer based on your post and have added important care instructions to our product pages about the Trek S battery. I believe the manufacturer will also be reaching out to you about your battery. Nebology Customer Service

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    PARI Trek S Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack
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