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Babies Who Sleep on Animal Fur May Have Reduced Asthma Risk

Babies Who Sleep on Animal Fur May Have Reduced Asthma Risk

There is a great deal of debate among parents and healthcare professionals about why some conditions like asthma are so common among today’s children. A recent study may offer some insight. It suggests the material on which an infant sleeps may play a role in determining whether or not he or she is diagnosed with asthma as a young child.

German Researchers Evaluated Thousands of Babies

For the purposes of the study, scientists in Germany recruited about 3,000 babies and got permission to track them as they grew up. More than half the study participants slept on bedding made with animal fur during their first three months of life. That single factor appeared to greatly reduce an infant’s risk of later developing asthma.

Clear Benefits Documented

The infants that were exposed to animal fur bedding were 80 percent less likely to be diagnosed with asthma by the age of six. The positive trend continued as the babies grew older, as those children were 40 percent less likely to have asthma by the age of 10.

Similar Benefits Linked to Households With Pets

Kids that grow up in households with pets are also less likely to suffer from asthma. This emerging information is worth thinking about if you’re shopping for baby supplies, and more specifically, bedding materials. It also may cause you to change your mind if you’re feeling hesitant about trying to raise an infant and take care of a pet or two at the same time.

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