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How to Make Nebulizer Treatments Easier on Children

How to Make Nebulizer Treatments Easier on Children

Pediatric nebulizer systems are a great option for children with respiratory issues like asthma, for example. These systems convert liquid medication into a vapor that is easily inhaled deeply into their lungs. For children who struggle to use a metered-dose inhaler, nebulizers are a viable alternative as they’re often easier to use. But even for the most patient children, sitting still for a nebulizer treatment can be tough.

Fortunately, there are ways to help your kids use a nebulizer system to make their treatments easier and more enjoyable. Here are a few tips to make treating your child’s respiratory issue(s) a breeze. 

Make Treatment Time Part of Their Daily Routine

Have your child use their nebulizer at the same time every day so that they know when to expect it. Incorporating treatments into a daily routine also normalizes treatment time, making nebulizers as ordinary as brushing their teeth or combing their hair.

Give Treatment Time and Nebulizer Equipment Special Names

Making respiratory treatments fun for your child is key. One way to do this is to give nebulizer treatments a fun name, such as “breathe better time” or “love your lungs time.” If your child likes airplanes and spaceships, refer to the mask as a “pilot mask” or “space mask.” Watch a video about pilots or astronauts and use some of the lingo, such as “start your engines” before you turn the nebulizer on. If your child associates treatments with play, they’re much more likely to enjoy this process.

Pediatric Nebulizer Use


Use a Clinically-Proven PARI Nebulizer for Kids

Pediatric nebulizers are designed for children to make breathing treatments more comfortable and effective. The PARI Vios 'Go Green!' Pediatric Nebulizer System, for example, comes with stickers your child can use to decorate their nebulizer, making treatment time fun and entertaining.


You should also use a nebulizer mask designed specifically for kids. Our nebulizer masks for kids are the right size and shape to properly fit your child’s face. They are designed to be comfortable and snug so the medication doesn’t leak out. 

The Bubbles the Fish Pediatric Aerosol Mask, for example, has a front-loading design that directs the aerosol flow towards your child’s mouth to waste less medication. This also ensures the medication is delivered to their lungs, rather than seeping out around the seals at the eyes or mouth. Soft elastic straps make the mask more comfortable and easier to put on and remove.

ARI Bubbles Pediatric Aerosol Mask

Provide Entertainment

While treatments may take only 10 minutes, the time can pass slowly. Make the time go faster by watching a funny video or cartoon show together. This is also a good time to have your child practice their reading skills! Have them read a story out loud to you, and reward them as they go with praise or claps. This will also keep your child distracted and engaged in something other than their treatment.

Help Your Child Get the Most Out of Their Nebulizer Treatment

A nebulizer does a great job of delivering medication directly to your child’s lungs, where it has the most benefit to treat their respiratory issue(s). However, a nebulizer can only work well if it is used correctly. Make sure that your child’s mask fits snugly and that there are no leaks. Remind them to take slow, deep breaths during the treatment.

Have Them Sit Up During Treatments

Sitting upright allows the lungs to expand fully and take in as much medication as possible. Have your child sit in a highchair when possible. If this is not an option, place your child on your lap for comfort and stability during treatments.

Let Your Child Participate in Operating the Nebulizer

Start by letting your child turn the machine on, and progress to other tasks as they get older. Have them help you put the mask on, for example, or hold the tubing while you connect the pieces. Make them feel important!

Reward Them for Good Behavior

Praise your child after every treatment to help them view treatments in a positive light. You may even consider giving a small prize, such as stickers, as a reward for cooperating.

Stay With Your Child During Treatment

Nebulizer treatments can be scary for some children and boring for others. Without supervision, kids can become frightened, fidgety, or nervous. Staying with your child during the nebulizer treatment can keep them calm and help them do the entire treatment correctly each time. 

For more ways to help your child use a nebulizer, consult with your pediatrician or nebulizer supplier. Nebology is always glad to answer your questions and help your child get the most out of their nebulizer treatment.

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