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Free Shipping On All Orders $50+
Choosing Aerosol Therapy Options for Children: It's Easy!

Choosing Aerosol Therapy Options for Children: It's Easy!

If your son or daughter has a condition like severe asthma that requires regular aerosol therapy treatments, check out the complete assortment of PARI pediatric products designed to deliver effective treatments to smaller users. Keep reading to get tips for selecting appropriate pediatric nebulizer compressors and accessories.

An Option for Babies and Infants

The PARI Baby Mask Conversion Kit is intended for users from one month to three years of age. Just choose the size you need when placing an order. The smaller design targets the lungs to provide fast and worthwhile treatments when the conversion kit is used with the PARI Vios 'Go Green!' LC Sprint pediatric system.

Products for Preschoolers and Toddlers

PARI Vios ‘Go Green!’ pediatric nebulizer compressors also work well if you have a toddler or preschooler.  Just use them along with pediatric masks designed for children.

The Bubbles the Fish Pediatric Aerosol Mask is made from a flexible material that conforms to the shape of smaller faces, and is comfortable for kids to wear. An innovative front-loading design directs airflow towards the mouth, so less medication is wasted. Also, the fish design adds an adorable touch.

Solutions for Schoolchildren like babies and preschoolers, school-aged kids can receive treatments with the ‘Go Green!’ LC Sprint pediatric compressor. However, if a physician prescribes an inhaler, it'll need to be used along with accessories like Vortex holding chambers for children, and pediatric masks.

Together, they make sure medication reaches the lungs quickly and thoroughly. The Vortex Holding Chamber with Felix the Frog Mask has a whimsical look to make treatments more fun and better directs the medication to a small child's mouth. The Vortex also features a "duck-bill" valve that only releases medicine when your child takes a breath.

Managing pediatric health concerns like asthma can be stressful for both kids and adults. Fortunately, the products in the PARI line are age-appropriate, clinically-preferred and effective, making them smart choices for proactive parents.

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