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Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Nebulizer Supplies

Properly caring for your nebulizer could increase its lifespan, prevent it from getting clogged, and minimize your risk of getting an infection. Below, you can learn some easy tips that will keep your nebulizer and the respective parts performing as you expect.

Find a Suitable Space

To begin, go to an area in your home that’s free of dust and smoke. Also, make sure you’re not near any open windows, because contaminants could come through and make your job more difficult. Set-up an area of your home for recently cleaned nebulizer cups and supplies. Make sure to dry newly cleaned items with fresh towels and always store your sanitized supplies in an area free from dust.

Things to Do Each Day

After every treatment, rinse the nebulizer cup with warm water, shake it gently to get rid of excess liquid, and allow it to air dry. At the end of each day, clean more thoroughly by using warm water and gentle dish soap on both the mouthpiece or mask, and the nebulizer cup. There’s no need to rinse the tubing.

Disinfect Every Third Day

Your nebulizer should be disinfected every three days. Use a specific disinfecting solution if one was recommended in the product literature that came with your nebulizer, or make your own by combining a half-cup of white vinegar with one-and-a-half-cups of water. This is a gentle disinfecting solution that won't harm your nebulizer or you. Avoid anything with harsh chemicals as residues could be inhaled during your next treatment. Soak your nebulizer equipment in that mixture for 20 minutes, and then rinse it thoroughly under a steady stream of warm water. Finally, shake off the excess water and let the pieces air dry, just as you would for daily maintenance.

An Easier Sanitization Strategy

If you use PARI nebulizer cups, keep in mind that they can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher. Although there are many nebulizer cups that aren’t dishwasher safe, the ones available from PARI are designed to offer that convenience. Because of that easy-to-disinfect feature, plus the solid reputation of PARI products, many people who are regular nebulizer users decide to purchase PARI nebulizer cups from us at

Look for Parts That Need to Be Replaced

Cleaning your nebulizer on a consistent basis gives you a chance to carefully inspect the parts and make sure they haven’t become too worn to remain useful. It’s always a good idea to have an extra nebulizer cup, spare tubing, and aerosol mask or mouthpiece on hand, just so your treatment schedule won’t be interrupted if you do notice a problem with a crucial piece. Follow the tips you’ve just read to get consistent results from your nebulizer, and reduce the chances you’ll get sick from using unsanitary aerosol therapy equipment.

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