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Free Shipping On All Orders $50+
Free Shipping On All Orders $50+
New! Nebulizer Supply Replacement Kits

New! Nebulizer Supply Replacement Kits

It's important to periodically change parts on your nebulizer as specified in the product instructions in order for your aerosol therapy device to keep delivering maximally effective and reliable treatments. For example, nebulizer cups and filters need to be replaced every six months.

Answer Some Quick Questions and Receive a Customized Kit

At, we make it as simple and efficient as possible for you to stock up on replacement supplies, and save money at the same time. Just answer some questions about what kind of nebulizer cup and compressor you have. Then, based on your responses, we'll choose items to create a customized supply replacement kit that contains a year's worth of product accessories. You can also buy extras at the same time, such as filters or a mask. By purchasing your nebulizer essentials this way, you'll save 10 percent off the listed price.

Your kit comes with:

  • 2 replacement filters
  • 2 nebulizer cups
  • 2 lengths of replacement tubing

Getting the Right Supplies for Your System

Choosing the correct items for your nebulizer can be confusing, especially if you're ordering for the first time. However, some parts, such as the compressors, usually have the product name printed on them to make it easier to determine what model you own. If you're having trouble, contact our knowledgeable customer service staff and we'll be happy to help. Just call (888) 224-0135 or send an e-mail to

Now it's easier than ever to rest assured your nebulizer is working properly and you're following the usage instructions. Order today and see how simple it is to get a year's worth of the supplies you need at a discounted rate.

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