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How Often Should You Replace Nebulizer Supplies?

How Often Should You Replace Nebulizer Supplies?

Your nebulizer is an essential device when it comes to effective respiratory treatment and better breathing. Like any medical device, a nebulizer needs basic maintenance and care to keep it functioning efficiently. One aspect of routine maintenance is replacing nebulizer parts and supplies at the appropriate time.

Nebulizer Replacement Parts

All nebulizer parts and accessories such as facemasks should be replaced if they show any signs of damage or wear, of course. Otherwise, your nebulizer parts should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations even if they appear to be in good condition. This is because nebulizer material can become worn, which may prevent the accessory from fitting correctly or performing properly. Bacteria can also build up inside the nebulizer or accessory, which could increase the chance of infection.

Failing to replace supplies as recommended can also result in your nebulizer working harder than it should. Overworking the compressor machine may cause the device to wear out. Keeping your nebulizer in top working condition maintains the effectiveness of your treatments and helps you save money in the long run. 

When possible, keep extra tubing, masks, mouthpieces, and other nebulizer replacement parts on hand, just in case the equipment becomes worn out or damaged in between replacing and restocking cycles. Having backup parts will save you from having to go without your nebulizer, which can put you behind in your treatment plan or cause symptoms to flare up.

When to Replace Nebulizer Supplies

Nebulizer users should always refer to the manufacturer’s guide and suggestions for when to replace the parts. However, there are some generally accepted guidelines for replacing nebulizer supplies (every six months) for reusable nebulizers and about 1-2 weeks for disposable ones. Never use your nebulizer parts longer than recommended, even if they look “new” and seem to be working well.

Nebulizer Masks

Disposable nebulizer masks are just that – disposable. This means they are not intended for long-term use. In fact, most disposable nebulizer masks are meant to be thrown away after 5 to 7 uses. Reusable adult and child nebulizer masks, on the other hand, are made to last up to 6 months.

It is important to replace your mask regularly. The plastics used in nebulizer masks and other nebulizers degrade or break down over time. This can cause your treatments to be less effective, as worn masks may not fit as well and can even leak.

Check and assess the condition of your nebulizer mask frequently. Look for signs of early wear and replace as needed. Replace your mask if it does not fit comfortably or provide a good seal.

Disposable Filters

Swap out your compressor filters once every six months or as directed by the manufacturer. Check your filter monthly and replace it if it looks dirty or discolored.

Old filters do not allow air to pass freely through to the compressor, which makes the compressor system work harder. Washing an old filter can even cause permanent damage to the device. A wet or clogged filter can damage the compressor motor, which is not replaceable.

New filters allow clean, air to pass easily through the compressor for safer, more effective treatments. Regular nebulizer filter replacement will keep the unit running efficiently and safely.

Disposable Nebulizer Tubing

Replacing disposable nebulizer tubing on a regular basis is important because you cannot clean the inside of the tubing well enough for it to function beyond its lifespan. This means bacteria may accumulate inside the tubing, potentially causing infection. Furthermore, the plastic in the tubing can break down over time.

Inspect your tubing regularly. Look for cracks or other signs of wear. Replace nebulizer tubing every six months or as directed by the manufacturer.


Replace your nebulizer mouthpiece every six months or as directed by the manufacturer. Always replace the mouthpiece sooner if it shows signs of breakdown, damage, or cracks.

Holding Chambers

You should replace holding chambers at least once a year. Inspect the holding chamber when cleaning it, and replace the device if it becomes cracked or broken.

Nasal Plugs for Sinus Systems

Replace nasal plugs for sinus systems every six months or as needed. You should also swap out sinus system filters and nebulizer cups every six months, as well.


While nebulizer systems are durable, frequent use can cause nebulizer machine parts to wear  down or work less efficiently over an extended period of time. To ensure your nebulizer system is always functioning to its best ability –  to maintain effective and efficient treatment – replace them every three years or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Portable Nebulizer Compressor Parts

Replacement parts for portable nebulizer compressors include masks, filters, cups, and tubing. You should replace these portable nebulizer parts as often as you would the accessories for a home nebulizer system (every six months or according to the manufacturer). 

Replace Broken, Cracked, or Worn Parts 

Replace any parts or accessories that are broken, appear cracked, or worn. Old or damaged parts can interfere with the effectiveness of your treatment.

If your nebulizer system is not producing a fine mist or if it seems like your nebulizer compressor is overworking or treatments are taking longer than usual, inspect the replaceable parts for damage. Replace any parts that look old, worn out, or damaged.

When replacing nebulizer supplies, be sure to purchase parts and accessories that are compatible with your nebulizer system. Using the wrong parts or accessories can prevent your nebulizer from working its best and reduce the effectiveness of your breathing treatment.

Nebulizer Parts & Accessories

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