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Free Shipping On All Orders $50+
New Vios ‘Go Green’ Systems - Available Now

New Vios ‘Go Green’ Systems - Available Now

If you’re ready to begin using a dependable aerosol therapy system that supports your interest in environmental sustainability, PARI Vios ‘Go Green’ compressors are now available to purchase. They’ll easily fit in with your eco-conscious lifestyle goals.

New for This Year

Ever since the original Vios systems were released in 2010, PARI has enjoyed a consistent reputation for producing reliable compressor systems and accessories that are depended upon for daily use by patients, and preferred by healthcare providers in clinical settings.

That strong commitment to high-quality products remains the same, but the items in the Vios 'Go Green' line are new designs. They are appropriate for both adults and kids, and available in either the LC Plus or LC Sprint configuration.

What’s Different?

If you’re curious about what makes a Vios ‘Go Green’ nebulizer compressor system different from prior models, the most visible update is the stylish emerald green hue. It visually signifies an effort to maintain an earth-friendly lifestyle.

There are also notable changes in the packaging: The box designs are made from recyclable materials, and the carrying case that came with previous models has been replaced with a soft cotton tote bag made entirely from recycled fabric.

Finally, PARI has launched an educational YouTube channel you can refer to when learning how to use your new Vios ‘Go Green’ nebulizer compressor system. Because the streaming media takes the place of the physical DVDs that used to accompany the compressors, it’s possible to avoid excessive waste, but still access helpful materials as needed.

The Vios ‘Go Green’ nebulizer compressor system fits with a desire to take a personal responsibility in protecting the planet for your own and future generations. Because the device allows you to continually receive effective treatments, you may also feel more confident about living a full and satisfying way of life that lets you enjoy all the picturesque beauty of nature.

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