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Why Everyone Should Use a Holding Chamber with an Inhaler

If you regularly take inhaled asthma medicines, there are several reasons why it’s a good idea to use holding chambers or spacers so the treatment will more easily reach your lungs. Read below and get some details about why a decision to use these accessories could help you get more reliable results from your prescribed inhaler.

Benefits of Holding Chambers and Spacers

Inhalers spray medicine very forcefully, and that may mean it hits the roof of your mouth or back of your throat instead of reaching your lungs. Fortunately, spacers and holding chambers can make your inhaler more user friendly by helping the medicine get to the lungs, where it will be maximally effective.

Spacers are Smart Solutions

As you might have guessed from the name, spacers create distance between the inhaler and your mouth. The distance helps the medicine break into small droplets that can quickly travel to the lungs when you take a breath.

The Value of a Valved Holding Chamber

A valved holding chamber is a type of spacer that has a one-way valve on the mouthpiece. However, besides creating the extra space like a traditional spacer does, the holding chamber also traps the medicine until you take a slow, deep breath. Using a valved holding chamber can be worthwhile if you habitually inhale the medicine too quickly, or have trouble coordinating the spray of your inhaler with a properly controlled breath. The PARI Vortex Non-Electrostatic holding chamber is a great choice because it has been scientifically proven to help 73 percent more medication reach your lungs compared with traditional spacers. The Vortex holding chamber is also easy to clean, and even safe for the dishwasher.

Useful for Adults and Kids

Holding chambers and spacers are add-on inhaler accessories made from plastic tubing. They can be used by anyone old enough to be prescribed an inhaler. When asthma medication can consistently reach your lungs instead of getting caught in the throat, it should be easier to avoid potential problems such as mild infections and irritation. Consider shopping for one or both of these accessories today to be more proactive about managing your asthma symptoms.

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