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Stock Up and Save: New Bulk Pricing at

At, we believe customers should be able to choose the best products for their healthcare needs. However, it’s even better if the cost of those supplies is kind to your budget. Our bulk pricing choices let you take advantage of savings that increase as you buy more items.

Savings Options for Nebulizer Cups

Nebulizer cups should be replaced twice a year to ensure consistently delivered treatments and effective results.

Buy three cups and save $3. In fact, whenever you buy between three and five of our reusable nebulizer cups, you’ll save a dollar per item. Also, if you purchase six or more, you’ll save  $1.50 per cup. These are great reasons to stock up on nebulizer cups so you’ll be able to make replacements i every six months as recommended.

Spend Less on Aerosol Masks

We sell comfortable and clinically proven aerosol masks for adults, kids and babies. Buying a quantity of two or three lets you save 25 cents per mask. Alternatively, choosing to order four or more at once allows you to save 50 cents per item.

Buy More Filters and Tubing at a Bulk Discount

Nebulizer filters that are dirty cause your aerosol therapy system to work harder than it should, and could eventually make it break down. If your filter is discolored, it’s ready to be replaced.

Nebulizer tubing is also an important accessory for reliable treatments. Replace your tubing if it’s visibly worn or cracked.

When you order replacement tubing or filters from, you’ll save 50 cents per item when buying two or three products. However, the discount goes up to a dollar off each item you buy four or more filters or tubes.

Now is a great time to replenish your nebulizer supplies and save money by purchasing in bulk.

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