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Free Shipping On All Orders $50+
The NEW PARI PRONEB Max: Available Now!

The NEW PARI PRONEB Max: Available Now!

The first nebulizer system to be released by PARI in over 6 years, the newly released PARI PRONEB Max Nebulizer System is the strongest compressor offered by the company with over 100+ years experience leading the field of aerosol therapy.

Designed to improve upon the extremely popular Vios PRO System, the PRONEB Max is designed to be quieter, more durable, and easier to maintain, all while keeping that powerful 1.6 bar compressor motor that is perfect for high volume nebulizer users.

If you or your loved one uses a nebulizer every day for a chronic condition like COPD, cystic fibrosis, or asthma, the PRONEB Max was designed and tested for you.

PRONEB Max Features & Improvements:

  • 46 PSI / 1.6 Bar Compressor System (the strongest air compression available from PARI) for frequent users
  • Motor designed for frequent and heavy usage, especially for patients with COPD or cystic fibrosis
  • Includes compressor system, 2x LC reusable nebulizers, standard Wingtip tubing, and instructions for use
  • Quieter as compared to the PARI Vios Pro (as determined by patient feedback)
  • Lower operating temperature
  • No filter removal tool needed
  • Standard PARI Wingtip tubing compatible
  • Sleek new design

The LC Sprint vs. The LC Plus:

The PRONEB Max is available in two configurations:

PARI PRONEB Max Nebulizer System with LC Plus
PARI PRONEB Max Nebulizer System with LC Sprint

Customers often ask how to choose between the two nebulizer cup options. Here a few things to know:

  • The machine is the same for either configuration and any PARI LC nebulizer cup (including the LC Star) can be used with this compressor;
  • This new compressor is compatible with standard Wing Tip tubing (unlike the Vios PRO!), so you can use PARI nebulizer cups you may have already purchased;
  • The LC Sprint is effective and fast. With average treatment times of ~5min1, the LC Sprint is made for speed;

  • The LC Plus is called the "gold standard" in therapy for a reason. The most trusted device for clinical trials, the LC Plus provides deep medication penetration into the lungs;
  • Both options make great choices, and in six months when replacing your cup, you can choose to try out the other option to see what you like best!

Learn more about the PRONEB Max (available to order online now!) →

The New PARI PRONEB Max with LC Sprint

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