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What is the difference between the PARI PRONEB Max and the Vios PRO?

What is the difference between the PARI PRONEB Max and the Vios PRO?

Our customers are already asking us, "What's the difference between the new PRONEB Max and the Vios Pro I've had for years?".

PARI designed the PRONEB Max to improve upon and, eventually, replace the Vios Pro, but we have many PARI users who love their Vios Pros and aren't ready to give them up.

We've made a few lists below to show the similarities between these two premium nebulizer systems and some of the improvements PARI has made to the new design.

Vios Pro & PRONEB Max Similarities:

  • They are both available with in an LC Plus or LC Sprint configuration, allowing you to choose your favorite nebulizer cup for treatments.
  • Both have an extremely powerful 1.6 bar compressor motor to ensure fast, efficient treatments for long term use.
  • Both are designed for patients who use their nebulizer machine everyday, especially those with COPD, cystic fibrosis, or moderate-to-severe asthma.
  • Both units come with two nebulizer cups, one tubing, and the compressor system.
  • The Vios Pro & the PRONEB Max provide the ultimate performance in aerosol therapy as available from PARI, a company with over a 100 years' experience in manufacturing nebulizer systems.

And Their Differences:

  • Based on patient surveys, feedback and testing, the new PARI PRONEB Max is quieter than the Vios Pro.
  • The PRONEB Max operates at a lower temperature while in use than the Vios Pro, making it more comfortable to use and possibly extending the lifespan of the motor.
  • The Vios Pro has a complicated filter that requires a plastic tool to remove it. The PRONEB Max has an improved filter design that does not require a removal tool.
  • Unlike the Vios Pro, the PRONEB Max does not require specialized tubing to operate properly. The PRONEB Max uses standard PARI Wing Tip tubing, which means that any PARI LC nebulizer cup & tubing will work with this unit. For our Vios Pro customers who have to track down Vios Pro-specific tubing, this is a big bonus!
  • The PRONEB Max is a bit smaller & sleeker in design than the Vios Pro.

Honestly, both are great choices and provide the high level aerosol therapy you've come to expect from PARI. If you have a Vios Pro that's functioning well, there's no reason to switch or update. But if it's time for a new machine, and you're a heavy nebulizer user, consider the PRONEB Max for its easier maintenance and quieter performance.

As always, please contact us with any questions!

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